Latest Kiln Load

Here are the results of the latest kiln firing, mid October 2022. The wares were fired to Cone 8 in my electric kiln.

Two of the cups and a small, vertical-edged, bowl were made of black porcelain with a clear glaze. It’s interesting how the result often has a blue tinge.

Several of the pieces were glazed with brushed on Mayco Tiger’s Eye, which is a lovely. Here, it is mostly thin and uneven, which gives an aged effect.

I would describe the jug as ‘dropped and extensively altered’. It was an interesting experiment.

The vase is glazed with tenmoku with celadon chun poured over.

The tile was my first experiment in sgraffito.

The final piece has an Amaco brush on celadon glaze called Aqua. I made the pattern of small indentations using the plastic spoon which came with our smart cooker. The kitchen is a fertile ground for hunting texturing tools!