Blog blog blog. Festive bogies to one and all.

I discovered yesterday that JAPANESE PEOPLE PICK THEIR NOSES. Well, at least one does – the Japanese man waiting next to me at the lights on the Fremont/Sunnyvale-Saratoga junction. He was an olympic champion nosepicker (endurance record).

It’s cold these days. Even in California. Well, the Bay area to be more precise. It is chilly and rainy and windy and sometimes, just sometimes it reminds me of a dark winter or ten in Scotland. Scotland which is cold and rainy and windy and sometimes anglophobic and nevertheless a country which I love. Especially in the last 6 months there I learned to love it even more, camping in the highlands, upping Munroes (not Monroes – that would be something different entirely [or is it the other way round – Ed]), and trogging through bogs (now I merely tog through blogs). I seem to be in a slightly coarse mood today. I may be thinking of the hash.

So, Saddam Hussein, eh, eh! Eh! A very bad man and it is good that he has been caught. I hope they bring him to trial and we can hear about the terrible things he did. Maybe in some of his unsavoury deeds he had help from abroad. I hope we will hear about that too. The US have already acknowledged helping Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war (with intelligence, i.e. satellite photos, not weapons, apparently). Whatever, it is good that the truth should come out. It is especially important in the US, where checks and balances if properly used should allow a powerful and decisive executive which can react rapidly to complex world events, but not with impunity – it must be accountable to the people. The truth will out.