The Bourne Ultimatum

Moscow, Russia, 6 weeks before final cut of The Bourne Ultimatum

Scene: a small hotel room, mostly dark except where a lamp dimly illuminates the bedside table, on which we see an old black telephone, a packet of Gauloises, and an old sliver flip lighter. From out of picture left we hear indistinctly two arguing voices approaching outside. Suddenly, we hear a loud bang as one of the men is slammed into the hotel room door.

Но я не могу, это невозможно!” (shouting in Russian – subtitles: “But I cannot, it is impossible!”)

“Если у нас нет пленки в течение трех недель, вы подохнете!” (subtitles: “If we do not have the film in three weeks, you will die!”)

Another loud thump… running footsteps… a car door slams… screech of tires. Silence.

A key turns in the lock, and in staggers the Editor. A tall thin man, his clothes are ruffled. His face is mostly in shadow but we can discern a cut on his left cheek. His eyes are set into deep sleepless sockets. The door clicks shit behind him and he pauses for a moment in the hallway.

“God gammit!” he shouts suddenly, punching the wall. “It’s impossible!”

He walks into the room