Ceramics in Japan

I just got back from a conference in Japan.

On my last day I visited a couple of ceramics places in Kyoto: the Raku Art Museum, and a ceramics shop/studio called Unraku-gama which makes a style called Kyoto Kiyomizu-ware. I was looking at the pieces there when the old potter came out of the back and asked a lady in the shop and me if we would like to see the workshop. Luckily she spoke English and was kind enough to translate. We went back and watched him throw a tea bowl and a teapot in next to no time. Sometimes he was working the clay while looking at her and talking.

I told the lady that I had been doing ceramics for a year. She told the potter and he invited me to have a go. He had perfectly centered a really nice hump so it was easy to throw something. This was a very touching experience for me.

Here he is helping me to cut the piece off the hump: