Well, it has been a while again. The looong weekend was just too relaxing. Fortunately I have some important work to do right away, so I can get my adrenochrome levels back where they belong.

I came across the following picture on Yahoo! the other day. I love monkeys although I couldn’t eat a whole one.

Driving back from a meeting today in Palo Alto I managed to take a wrong turn and end up in the nether regions of Los Altos Hills. The roads twist and turn in 3 dimensions. The street signs are small, placed at confusing angles, unlit and the house numbers are in the tens of thousands, not very helpful unless you can be bothered to get out the map. I settled on a strategy of going downhill, which worked by and large. It’s a pretty good strategy unless you are in Colorado. I rather enjoyed pootling around this mysterious country, until I started to worry about running out of petrol. Heading down some particularly unpromising lane, I turned around, drove back to the last big crossroads and stopped in somebody’s driveway and hoped they wouldn’t shoot me before I have figured out where I was going. It turns out I had been going in the right direction after all. I have a wonderful picture captured from a map of the area which I can’t post until I have set up my FTP server.

Which reminds me, I set up a wireless network over the weekend. There, I did do something.

Gobble gobble.