I started ceramics in 2016 when I took a course in Palo Alto, CA. I have continued to take courses, as well as exploring my practice independently.

So far, my work has all been functional pottery. I enjoy making pieces with lids. Here are a few of my pieces. The urn came out particularly well.

Bowl, glaze: blue surf
Large flat bowl with continuous curve design
Lidded jar. The glaze is Blue Surf.
A small bottle. The glaze is Tiger’s Eye. I love how the light reflects off this, and I managed to trim the cork from a winner bottle so that it fits!
Large mug. At first sight I was disappointed with this one: there is a bit of a bulge in one side, and in places, especially inside, the glaze came out light brown where I brushed it quite thinly. But I have grown to love this mug. It’s thin and light, with room for lots of tea, and I now find the variations in the glaze very interesting.
A ‘bold’ tea pot! Glaze: Blue Surf.

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