Windows recovery drive EFI

I have spent a fair amount of time over the past few days reading about bootloaders in preparation for installing linux dual boot on my laptop. I made a Windows recovery drive and took a peek at its contents:


All the EFI stuff I have just been reading about!

Earth sized piece of paper

How big a piece of paper is needed to cover the entire Earth?

Size of A0 paper: a x b mm^2 where a = 1189 and b = 841

Size of A-n paper = a * (a/b)^n x b * (a/b)^n mm^2

Diameter of Earth = e ~ 12742000000 mm

To cover the Earth, need:

a * (a/b)^n > e


log(e/a) < n log(a/b) so n > log(e/a)/log(a/b)

need n > log(12742000000/1189)/log(1189/841) ~ 46.7

So A-47 paper would be sufficient.

Now with more light box

This evening I built myself a lightbox for photographing my ceramics (following instructions involving sharp knives and the nagging fear you are going to accidentally cut your arm off (or worse, both arms)). I need better lights, but the effect is quite nice.

Small milk jug, cinnamon clay glazed with Ferg yellow and fired to cone 10 oxidation.

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