Julian Richardson

I am a researcher, engineer, writer and ceramicist based in the New Forest, on the South coast of England, near the Isle of Wight.

I have always been split between sciences and the arts. Growing up, my family were all artists; I went to university to study mathematics. Later got a PhD and enjoyed a career in Arficial Intelligence, partly in academia in the UK, then in industry in California. I am now back in the UK, where I live in the New Forest,

I am currently focusing on making ceramics. You can see some of my work on my ceramics page. I also write short stories, which you can read about on my writing page.

I still enjoy technical work. I am mentoring a PhD student in the NLP area, and advising a small start-up, Yakbit. I recently mentored a team of developers based in Malaysia, and mentored sixth form students for the Social Mobility Foundation. I am open to part time/contract, remote, new work.

The mental wanderings of Julian Richardson